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Welcome to “The Woodstock of Biology” · Tel-Aviv, February 13-14, 2020

Come meet in person the biologists behind the tweets to talk science.


Registration is closed.


The Story

Please read this short mission statement below, and SIGN UP (for free, 5 minutes tops). This will be an intimate conference, and therefore we'll limit the number of attendees. 


It's really happening! I didn't know i'll organize this meeting. I naively tweeted that I would love to organize a meeting for my favorite Twitter scientists, since I got tired of the small and field-specific science cliques. Tired of boring conferences where you show off and compete. I fantasized about a conference that’s cool, fast and furious. Where you get surprised and shocked and hear about things you never knew existed. A highly interdisciplinary conference that would build a community of scientists driven by curiosity. In essence, a conference that’s an embodiment of sci-twitter culture. 

In typical Twitter spirit, you responded fast, and within 2 days hundreds of my favorite scientists expressed interest in coming. Some replied to the thread, some sent me direct messages, and some emailed. So I decided this had to be done. Here's the plan:

Location and Time


While other scientists are freezing in their labs, we’ll meet in Tel Aviv for 2 days 13th-14th of February, a few days before the biggest biology meeting in Israel takes place in Eilat, you might want to consider attending if you’re here already.

The Venue and Style


Our conference will be held in 2 adjacent locations in parallel: The beautiful Steinhardt Museum of Natural History (opened this year) and the Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery (pictures below). This will be the most live-tweeted conference in history.

We’ll combine Woodstock with Plan(e)t an art exhibition focusing on survival, consumption and exploitation of natural resources. Leading artists, local and international, will create together with scholars working on groundbreaking research projects. The show will showcase the potential of combining artistic and scientific knowledge. Here's "Theater of the Sun" by Fallen Fruit, David Allen Burns and Austin Young, (2018) commissioned by Manifesta 12, Palermo, Sicily:


The Format

We'll present short talks. ONLY unpublished stuff, otherwise what’s the point. The idea is to get to know each other, we'll devote most of the time for interactions. Each presenter will have only 2 slides, that will be posted on Twitter. Oh! And each speaker will have a Walk Up Song!


Registration is closed.

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